Welcome Baby Zoey!We are so happy you are home!

Welcome Home Sweet Zoey!

It is with great honor and pleasure to welcome my sweet cousin Zoey! I was called in the middle of the afternoon and was told by her momma that she was going to have a c section three weeks early due to some complications, so I grabbed my camera, called my sitter and ran to the hospital. I was able to say hi to her momma and dad before they went back for the c section. I anxiously waited and heard the lullaby the hospital plays during every birth; I knew that was her lullaby.
Daddy came in wheeling sweet Zoey into the room with a proud glow about him; she already had him wrapped around her little finger.

Shortly after momma was wheeled back into the room and that is when the hustle and bustle started.
I was in full swing of capturing some photos of things as they were happening, and the nurse said she was worried about sweet little Zoey, her O2 sats were pretty low, and her heart rate wasn’t doing what it was supposed to for a new baby.
They called in a repository  therapist to check on her. At this point she had gotten a bit worse so they made the call to move her to the N.I.C.U. She stayed there for about a week learning how to breath on her own, keep her body temperature regulated and learning how to give us big smiles.

After what seemed like the longest week of her parents’ lives, she was able to come home to her doting big brother and the sniffs and slobbery kisses of her fur-brother.

I am excited to share with you the photos I captured of her first few days and weeks in the world.

She was a perfect little dreamer during her newborn session. She gave me a few smiles, lots of sweet baby coos and the best little snuggles.

Welcome to the world sweet Zoey, I can’t wait to capture all the big moments in your life.