Photography StudioNewborn Photography Studio-Medford Oregon

Hey Dreamers!!

I finally made a slide show with photos of my new Medford Oregon Newborn Photography Studio!

I am so excited to show you!

As a newborn photographer, it is pretty important to have a comfortable space for my new parents to come with their newest bundles of love.

I found this beautiful, historic building last year and fell in love with it. I knew that if a space became available here that I needed to move my studio here.
I got a call in January saying that there was a space that would be available in March (convenient since my lease on the current space was up at the end of February) so of course I had to go take a look.

I walked into the new studio space and immediately fell in love with the historic charm. This is a 110 year old building in the heart of downtown Medford, right on Main Street.

Everything is original in the studio from the flooring down the the light switches, it’s truly a magical space.

I have been fully moved in since April and I could not be happier.

I have been very meticulous in picking out everything to make the studio as comfortable as possible. I have everything on hand that a parent could need.
I have a fully stocked snack bar, coffee stand and fridge with many different refreshments.
I have a coloring station for big brother or sister to enjoy until they are ready for their snuggles with the new baby
and even a comfortable bed if mom or dad need a quick snooze (we know you guys never get enough sleep!)

I finally have space for all of the amazing props, a dressing room with all the beautiful maternity gowns I provide to clients and so much more.

The windows are what drew me in the most…how beautiful are the giant and gorgeous windows!?

I am so excited to present to you the new home of Woven Dreams Photography.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a maternity, newborn or milestone photographer, send them my way to take a look at my studio!

So much love to you all!

Your friendly Medford Oregon Newborn Photographer,