How to Ensure a Stress-Free Session Day!

Everyone knows that family portraits can be a bit stressful. Just the thought of it can cause a small amount of anxiety in the best of us. Being one of the premiere photographers in Medford Oregon, I have some great and helpful tips to get you ready for your portrait session unscathed.

1.       I am a full service, boutique photographer in Medford Oregon and I can help you figure out what kind of color scheme, patterns and style of clothing will be flattering on your family and compliment the colors and style of your home. I want to make sure your wall art compliments the styling of your home. After the outfits have been figured out, set them aside somewhere safe. Make sure to try them on about a week before hand to make sure they still fit comfortably and that you didn’t miss any holes or stains.

2.       After you have looked over everyone’s outfits, make sure they are clean and pressed (or if you’re like me, wrinkle release spray because who has time for an iron!) for the big day! Sort the outfits by person and keep them safe from grubby little fingers. Don’t forget to remind everyone these are picture day outfits and not to wear them until then! And don’t forget to accessorize!!

3.       A few days before your family portrait session at photography studio in Medford Oregon, start talking to your significant other and older kiddos about the session and what to expect and how they should behave. For younger kiddos, I recommend not telling them because sometimes it can stress them out and they tend to misbehave or are shy from the very start. I like to be able to gain their trust at the beginning of the session and get them to play first, then I bring my camera out and we start the session.  If you plan on using bribery, make sure you get that in order now (suckers do go a long way for bribery!).

4.       About two days before your session, pack a bag of all the extras you think you might need. My Medford photography studio is well stocked with things you may need for your kiddos such as pull ups, wipes, snack and bribery, but sometimes you need those little extras from home.  I recommend packing a brush, any special props you may want in photos, and wipes. Also for mom, I recommend bringing a hair tie, bobby pins and lipstick.

5.       On the day of your photo session, make sure everyone has a full tummy (but not too full, we don’t want sick little tummies from overeating) before they get to my photography studio in Medford; we don’t want anyone to be “hangry” (though I do have organic juice and snacks as back up!) Just make sure you don’t have anyone in their photo clothes while they eat, because Murphy’s law never fails on session day! Another thing most people don’t think about is to make sure you brush your teeth before you put your photo clothes on in case of little dribbles and make sure to put on deodorant after you put your clothes on to avoid deodorant marks.

6.       If you have little kiddos, make sure they don’t have any colored drinks before the session so we don’t have blue clown lips. Also, if they need a drink on the way to my photography studio, try and have a bib or some kind of drop cloth to make sure they don’t get any dribbles on their shirt. Remember, Murphy’s Law is always extra active on session days!

7.       Finally, once you get to my Medford  Oregon photography studio, try and relax. Make sure to give me any bribes you have (I will always have bribes on hand as well and ask you to ensure they are appropriate for your kiddos) when you get there so I can pull it out during the session if they become restless.

8.       Lastly, have trust in me-know that I will take care of things and I will provide you with special and heartfelt photos of your family.