Finding Beauty in TragedyBereavement Photography in Medford Oregon

Bereavement photography is not easy, but it’s the reason I exist.

I truly try to put my heart and soul into everything I do, bereavement photography more so than anything.
Bereave: to be deprived of a loved one through profound absence, especially to a loved one’s death.

Bereavement photography is something that is rarely spoken about but something that is so widely needed in our world.
A few of you know that the true reason I started my photography journey was to do bereavement photography for families who are having a stillborn.

This is something I hold so near and dear to my heart because of my journey with my two stillborn babies.
I lost two sweet little baby boys during my first and second pregnancy.
I endured labor and delivery with both. I was able to spend time with them, take pictures of them and love on them during the time I had with them. The time was too short. No one ever tells you how hard it is to leave the hospital after you have a stillborn. While you are there you are so wrapped up in the labor, the birth and then trying to memorize every single little detail of your baby. Having to leave the hospital with empty arms is the most difficult thing a mother can do. The photos I have of my sweet baby boys are the most cherished and prized possessions that I own and always will be. They remind me that they were really part of my world, that they are who made me a mom and help me to remember all the details that I never want to forget.

A few months into my photography journey, I approached a few of my contacts at Providence Hospital to offer my services to do bereavement photography in Medford Oregon. With that I started a program at Providence that if anyone wants/needs bereavement portraits done at the hospital. I come day or night to offer up my services on a volunteer basis. It’s the most rewarding and difficult thing I could ever do; it is the reason why I exist.

While I am at the hospital with a bereavement family, we talk about their beautiful baby. I hold their baby and see all the beautiful details. I try and capture all the little details that I wanted captured of my sweet babies. After the photos are taken I give them my personal phone number so they can have some kind of support after they leave the hospital. Like I said before, no one tells you how hard it is to leave the hospital with empty arms. I tell them they can call me at 3 in the morning if they are in a dark place because I have been there, I have endured this pain two times, I get it.

About a month ago I was approached by a local publication who had heard about my bereavement photography in Medford, Oregon and wanted to do a story about me. I am so humbled and excited to share the article they wrote and I think it really gives a great light on the work that I do. Photography has helped me heal, and helped my bereavement families heal a bit as well.

Thank you to everyone who has trusted me into their little world when it has been shattered. I hope that it helps to give you peace and comfort in a time of true heart ache.
I am forever touched by every single one of my bereavement families who I have photographed.

I’m so humbled and touched that The Rogue Valley Messenger wanted to write a piece on me.

Thank you.

Finding Beauty in Tragedy: Woven Dreams Photography